Cheesemaker events, Volcanic Classes &, Beer.



A few clases and event that have caught my eye around San Francisco, including one I’m teaching (last, on Volcanic wines, Shepherd Cheeses. They’re listed in order of date. Hope to see you at some!


Meet the Cheesemakers Fundraiser: Thursday, October 10, 7-9 p.m.

The California Artisan Cheese Guild – an organization that helps cheesemakers with education, scholarships, marketing and beyond- is holding their annual fundraiser next week. Cheesemakers from Bellwether Farms, Cypress Grove, Cowgirl Creamery, Pt Reyes Farmstead, Redwood Hill, Valley Ford, Weirauch Farms, Bleating Heart, Laura Chenel, Nicasio Valley, Marin French, Shamrock Artisan, Gypsy Cheese, Delice de la Vallee and Tomales Farmstead will be there to chat, along with beer and wine, and even a demo or two. Always an awesome place to be. At the Cheese School’s new location 


Cheese and Cider, Thursday, 6:30pm, October 17th

Like beer, cider is experiencing a renaissance. Delightful and complex small-batch ciders are popping up in stores and bars throughout San Francisco. More forgiving than wine and sweeter than beer, cider is an ideal foil for the creamy complexity of fromage. Author and SF Chronicle columnist Janet Fletcher will pair her favorite examples of the hard stuff with an array of cheeses. This is a pairing class sure to be easy on the palate.



Brews on the Bay, Saturday, October 19th, from 12-5pm

Put on by the San Francisco Brewers Guild, Brews on the Bay features the wares of fifty different breweries, like 21st Amendment, Almanac, and more…. with music. On the ocean. On a Boat. Brewers present.


Breakfast for Dinner: Tuesday, October 22 at 7pm

Four courses, and just to start: frittata, pork belly rancheros with lager, french toast with porter. Maple syrup with porter and pork belly had me, but who knows, maybe there will be cheese in the frittata. Either way- beer with breakfast. Go.


Shepherds and Volcanos: The Magic of Mountain Cheeses and Wines, Wednesday, Oct 30th, 6:30pm

Despite the treacherous climb (and even the threat of volcanic eruption), people have been making cheese and wine in volcanoes, on mountains, and in the Alps for centuries — and not just because the views are picturesque. Alpine and mountain style cheeses are celebrated for their hearty textures, heavenly taste, and exceptional nutritional content. Kirstin Jackson, cheese and wine educator and author of It’s Not You, It’s Brie will explore the who and how of the mountain cheese, and explain why the finest cheeses and wines around come from uneven or even dangerous ground. The cheeses will be vibrant, the wines will be weird, and the class will be delicious.


Feel free to share any not-t0-be-missed cheese events in the comment section!

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