“It’s Not You, it’s Brie” -A Cheese Book

It's Not You, it's Brie

The wedge that set it all in motion.

I normally like to start off my posts with a little build up to get the reader’s motor running. Most times the cheese shots at the top of the page do the trick- nothing grabs attention like a seductive, glistening wheel whispering “slice me.” This time, I’m starting my post with the first wedge of cheese I shot for this blog. I’m honoring its impact on what I’m about to share.

I launched “It’s Not You, it’s Brie” around two years ago. I’ve talked about a lot of cheese since then, dear readers, but what I haven’t talked about much is that I also have been working on a cheese book proposal. I started putting it together about a year before I launched this blog. The thing is, I’ve had to shelve it numerous times while sorting through life happenings, and I decided not to say much about it until I had something as firm as a wheel of Vella Dry Jack to share with you.

Now, dear readers, things are very firm. I’m very excited to share that I am writing a book about…. cheese!

“It’s Not You, It’s Brie: Behind the Wheel, A Guide to Unwrapping American Cheese & Culture” will guide people through the historical and cultural stories of selected American cheeses and explore how some of our most stand-up dairy gems came to be (and taste!). I’ll stray far from the classic 8 styles of cheeses, keep it lively and literary, use my cultural anthropology and professional cooking background to shape cheese stories, attempt on occasion to move beyond humor only a mother could love, and include recipes and pairing suggestions.

It will publish in 2012.

I’m pretty flippin excited.

And I’m very happy to share it with you.

Phew! So, thank you for reading- interacting with you in the comments section and seeing such interest in cheese and the people who craft it has been inspiring. You’ve been good to me and the cheese world. And as always, thank you cheesemakers and cows and sheep and goats and buffalo and …..you know…  for providing such amazing cheeses to write about.

And heads up – even though I’m cramming a lot of writing into short periods of time, I have no intention of letting the book’s progress bring the blog writing to grinding halt. I’ll keep dwelling on about my favorite cheeses and include more guests posts and interviews too (so please, if you have any topic or requests, let me know) and let you know when and where I’m teaching classes. I’ll also include info about the book’s progress, release, promo, and include photos from my “research” farm visits. I love research. I love travel. I also love chocolate and peanut butter, but that doesn’t really apply here.

Thanks for reading, thanks for your support and more to come soon!

43 thoughts on ““It’s Not You, it’s Brie” -A Cheese Book

  1. Danger Dot

    Seriously can not wait to buy read and recommend this book! Remember the little people Kirstin….remember the little people…

  2. Jason

    Possible sequels:

    “Fondues and Fondon’ts (great for a cheese etiquette book)”
    “Sacre Bleu! (a history of cheese in religion OR cheese-themed Teen Horror)
    “Blue Veins (cheese-themed procedural crime thriller)”

  3. It's Not You, it's Brie

    Jason- Great, now everyone’s got my new book ideas. This is the SAME thing that happened when I was considering writing “Baby Make me a Martini.” Agh. And… how much do I owe you for the Blue Veins idea?

  4. Joen

    I couldn’t be more thrilled for you, darling! Super-huge cheese-wheels of congratulations to you, my dear. Only you can take something so cheesy and make it so good.

  5. Uncle Joe

    Wow! Having  watched your career blossom from the outstanding Thanksgiving dinners at your folk’s to becoming a published author leaves us all very proud of you. Heck… The truth is I’ve been a fan of yours’ since before kindergarden.  Well done!

  6. Christine

    Kirstin, I’ve learned so much more about cheese from your blog than anywhere else. Can’t wait to hear more about the writing process and see all your hard work and TLC come to fruition next year.

  7. Kathleen Cotter

    I’m so happy for you, Kirstin! Looking forward to reading a whole book of your work. Congrats!

  8. katie

    Lovely news! How excited you must be. I love following your blog and can only imagine how cheesy your book will be 😉


  9. penny

    i’m so glad that i have not yet bought a cheese book cause i was never quite sure which one would be the best to have. NOW i know – YOURS! cannot wait to read it. congratulations!

  10. cynthia

    How exciting! I’ve only recently gotten into cheese and am learning a lot from your blog. Great pics and posts! thx!! Looking forward to the book. 🙂

  11. Madame Fromage

    Sweet news! I can’t wait to buy it, unwrap it, sniff it, and dig in. Is this the same book you had in the works during the WI media tour? This sounds like a different beast. Congrats!

  12. Linda Sogge

    Us Flagstaff Sogge’s are SO Proud of you!!!!!!! We can’t wait to buy the book. You are an amazing, awesome, talented, strong, beautiful woman! Love and hugs! Linda

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  15. Rona Myers Sullivan

    Hello Kirstin,

    Congratulations, and I’m SO pleased to see someone spending more time on Southern Cheese! Cheese was in the South as soon as Europeans began to migrate and bring goats and cows and sheep…. there was just not that much written about it. We have dairying traditions here in the South, and it’s good to see them coming to light.

    Best of luck on your venture,

  16. Kaylee Tierney

    I am so excited to read this book. I can’t imagine a better page turner and the title is EPIC! So excited for you Kirstin!

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