Links du Fromage


Sassy Radish's Homemade Ricotta

I’m super excited for this week’s “Links du Fromage” because they promise more and more links to come. The important conversations that journalists and bloggers are having about the trails and tribulations of small-production dairies and the copious amount of new cheese books being published suggests that more cheese love, knowledge, and awareness will be shared in the future. Furthermore, we’re seeing highly visible media figures, like Martha Stewart, focus on United States cheesemakers who, like Jasper Hill and Thistle Milk Farm, are once again bringing the United States dairy industry into the limelight. We’re going to have a cheese-fabulous future, I can taste it!

Feel free to share your own insights and links in the comment section, don’t miss the recipes below, and be sure to check back here in the upcoming weeks for some exciting things, such as a book giveway and interview one of the writers in the books mentioned below (so excited!). More cheese please.


An abundance of cheese stories, memoirs and focuses are hitting the bookstores and they’re going to charm your socks off, says Publisher Weekly. And I’m going to host a book giveway for one of them!

Dairyman Dino Giacomazzi explains why direct government dairy subsidies that take cheese from Food Banks and leaves farmers with money is a load of ____*#.

Dairy prices climbing and farmers finally feeling things looking up-discussions at Capital Press Ag Website

Not to be missed, a discussion of French cheese named after body parts at Chezloulou.

Signed by the Prez himself, an Obama Cheesehead hat is coming to Ebay, at CheeseUnderground.


Savory Olive Gruyere cake at Chezloulou.

Homemade ricotta cheese at SassyRadish.

Homemade marscapone at Forging Fromage.

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