Links du Fromage: News & Cheese Loveliness


Pécalou, by Chez LouLou

Because the world of cheese is wide and vast and I can’t possibly meet all your dairy needs, here are some of my favorite Links du Fromage this month. Feel free to leave links to your own favorites that I missed in this post’s comment section.

If you need even more reading, check out  Gordon Edgar’s Cheesemonger book. I highly recommend it. I attended a tasting with Edgar and author Laura Werlin at 18Reasons in San Francisco, and loved the selections he choose to read from his book, and that he introduced the class to Cobb Hill’s Ascutney Mountain. Cool points. Do taste and read.


New Writing on the Dairy Crisis:

Dairy Fundamentals Keep Milk Prices from Rising

Whisky’s for drinkin’, Milk is for fighting?

Cheese Fests:

There are still tickets for the American Cheese Society’s Cheese-topia in Seattle, starting August 25th. This is the first year that I’m going, and I am super excited! I’ve heard the sessions fill up soon, so sign up quick.

If you’re in the area, don’t miss the Vermont Cheesemaker’s Festival this July 25th. No wait, it’s SOLD OUT! Congratulations, wow.

The first Cheesemonger Invitational rocked the east coast recently, when mongers from San Francisco to New York gathered in Queens and battled cheese wits. They plated, sliced, wrapped, paired, made sexy eyes at the cheese, and professed their love to the dairy world with style galore. Read more here:

The Cheesemonger Invitational: Cheese Nerds Like to Party Too

The First-Ever Cheesemonger Invitational

Winner, Culture Magazine


Wisconsin Cheesemaker’s Calendar, Cheese Underground

La Fête du Fromage – le Pécalou, Chez LouLou

A Dairy Goddess Preparing for Cheesemaking

Cheese is Alive on the new Caveman Blue by Rogue Creamery.

The House Mouse, Review: La Clochette Chevre Affinee Rings a Bell

What did I miss? Add a link in the comment section below!

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