The Dreamiest, Blingiest Holiday Cheese Gifts Ever

Cheese gifts that travel- Cheese Journey’s trip to Bra, Italy

Holiday Cheese Gifts with Bling

While lounging by the fireplace, sipping on sherry, and considering what cheese gifts I’d put on the It’s Not You, It’s Brie guide this year (I was also wearing puffy slippers and just finished a cup of black tea, so yes, I am an English grandmother), I thought, why not do something different? Why not go big?

Why not go dreamy?

This year I’m sharing my what-if-I-could-do anything-holiday-cheese-gift-guide. It’s big, it’s grand, travel is involved, cost is not a consideration, and it includes lots of shiny things- kind of like Vogue’s Gift Guide but for cheese and less fashionable. None of the picks are cheap, some are more affordable, some you can save up for, and some are just to dream about.


My Dream Holiday Cheese Gifts

Cheese Journey’s Cheese Slow Food Festival, Bra

See top photo. You have to be a professional to attend this tour, but if I wasn’t, I’d get a cheesemonger job, quick, to qualify. There are so many great options on Cheese Journeys, but the Slow Food’s Cheese Festival in Bra is something else. Every 2 years, packed with the best cheeses of the world and their makers. If you can get there via holiday gifting, go!


Food 52’s Adopt a Cow Aged Caciocavallo Podolico Cheese

“From our friends at Especially Puglia comes a new straight-from-the-farm gift that we couldn’t be happier about—after all, it’s cheese! And not just any cheese: Caciocavallo cheese is a traditional Pugliese pulled-curd cheese made by pouring the milk of the rare-breed Podolica cow into a gourd-shaped round. It ages for a day in the heat of olive wood fires and hangs from wooden poles for the remaining maturation. The result? A wonderfully sharp, earthy cheese with a semi-firm texture that hardens as it ages.” Bonus? You can get an adoption certificate for the cow that supplies the milk for this cheese.


Jacob May’s cheese board disguised as a cutting board

Jacob May Cooper Wesley Butcher Blocks (For Cheese)

Made in Oakland, these boards are a work of art. Each is composed for beauty as much as function. Though they’re not actually made for cheese, cheese displayed on these boards may be the only thing that could make them more beautiful.


Berti Italian Cheese Knife Set -Boxwood

These are the kind of cheese knives that will last lifetimes. As in, your great, great, great, great granddaughter’s daughter could probably use these to slice her first Parmigiano-Reggiano. Admittedly, though I have no idea what exactly to do with each of these knives, I feel in my heart I could make something up.


A Quarter-Wheel of Rogue River Blue + Bling

Made only with rich fall and winter milk and covered in syrah leaves drenched in local pear eau de vie, Rogue River Blue is the blingiest blue cheese in the world. But if you order this quarter-wheel you get even more bling. Honey, cheese board, artisan knives, and then the actual cheese. Let me know if you need my address.


Pomme Gold-Plated Cheese Knife, Quitokeeto

Because, whoa…. “Brushed with 99.9% pure 24k gold, this is a beautiful serrated cheese knife appropriate for soft to medium hard cheeses. Each knife is unique, hand-crafted, and slightly different from the one that came before it, and the one that was made after. The finish is subtly matte, brushed – not shiny and sharp. The knife will patina and change wonderfully with use, leaving an impression of each meal or gathering.”


Seasonal Subscription to June Taylor Jams

One of my favorite moments of writing this blog was when I got to visit June Taylor’s workshop. Read more here. The conserves are vibrant, the labels are handmade, the Christmas cakes are aged for a year, and nearly everything here tastes amazing with cheese.


Full Wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano, Williams and Sonoma

Enough said.


Thanks for dreaming with me!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!