Behind-the-Scenes Mozzarella: Cheesemaking Classes & Teambuilding

Mixing mozzarella curds with cream to make stracciatella for burrata filling- a little extra treat!

As you know, I teach cheese classes. Cheese history and culture. Eating cheese and drinking things. Melting cheese and then eating it between toasted, buttery bread (grilled cheese class❤️while drinking things), and finally, I teach cheesemaking classes. It’s full circle!

Over the years I’ve got a lot of questions about what it’s like to teach or take cheesemaking classes. It’s a little hard to show because, well, I’m normally too busy teaching the classes to take pictures during the class, but with hopes of better addressing the question …. I recently hired a friend of mine to take pictures of one of my top-selling classes, mozzarella making, so you can see what’s it like.

The public class took place at 18 Reasons, one of my favorite spots to teach in, and features tons of behind-the-scene photos. You’ll also get a feeling for what it’s like to take the classes (private and teambuilding classes are a little different but I teach them, too).

I hope you enjoy my cheeseamaking class photo diary!


Mozzarella Cheesemaking Classes – Behind-the-Scenes

Slicing burrata for a blind tasting for students

I measure most the ingredients before class to keep us on schedule.

And spoons. We use A LOT OF SPOONS. You’ll see why later.

Depending on what class I’m teaching, we might also stretch pre-cultured curds.

An 18 Reasons volunteer slicing curds for students

We’re pretty much ready, I’ve made a sample mozz and all’s set for class

Saying hello, then saying fascinating things about cheesemaking sciences

Attentive future mozzarella makers of America

Because the mozzarella pH needs to be PERFECT, it’s all about measuring the milk. Perfectly. As shown.

A student slowly warming the milk before we add the rennet

Adding the rennet

Draining the already-sexy curds

Draining the curds.

Taking the temp. Mozzarella is ALLLL about the temperature of the stretching water-SUPER HOT. We dig the curds from the hot bowls with so many spoons- so we don’t burn our fingers.

Showing how to make mozz balls. First, you pick up the really, really, hot curds (we’re screaming inside).

Then you stretch, fold, and tuck the ends over before popping it into a ball shape.

A pause in the make.

Cheesemaking class hits! Balls accomplished!Mozzarella necklace, anyone?

Ballin it.