Calling America’s Sexiest Wedges for American Cheese Month

LaClare’s Chandoka, with raspberries and white chocolate. When pregnant, Katie of LaClare made cheese until the day she gave birth.

In honor of the holiest month of the year, October– American Cheese Month, I’d like us all take a moment to appreciate all that our domestic cheesemakers have done for us. Now, let’s exchange the ancient rite of peace and happiness with our neighbors. “Cheese be with you “

And now let’s celebrate!

Happy American Cheese Month Everybody!

I wrote an entire book about our domestic producers so it’s probably obvious that I love our country’s dairy craftspeople, but I wanted to take a moment to spotlight some of my favorite producers I’ve highlighted on “It’s Not You, It’s Brie.”

From Stepladder in California to La Clare in Wisconsin, I’ve had the lucky opportunity to interview and visit some of the county’s best. My favorite part of this? Sharing these beauties with you. Follow the links to learn more about the cheeses, their makers, or what they pair best with.

So in honor of all things good and delicious and cheesy, have a wonderful American Cheese Month!

How will you celebrate? I’m throwing a cheese party for my friends and ordering a cheese plate featuring America’s producers at every restaurant I can. It’s my duty, after all. 😉

Stepladder Creamery’s Ragged Point loves wine & spicy jams.

Bellwether’s Pepato. One of my first interviews in 2011 with this classic cheesemaker.

Roelli Red Rock Cheddar, and what makes cheddar orange?

Goat Lady Farm’s Lindale Gouda

Briar Rose’s Iris, labeled which to sell first.

Tomales Farmstead Creamery trek

Tomales Farmstead goats.

Hadley of Tomales Farmstead

Delicious American Gems, list from Mission Cheese

Redhead Creamery: On 2016’s 5 Makers to Watch.

Rush Creek, Valley Ford’s raw creamy one.

Andy Hatch Cutting Rush Creek

The ladies who lunch. And whose milk makes Rush Creek and Pleasant Ridge.

Washing Limburger at Chalet Cheese. Washed rinds, as stinky as you like them.

Marieke Fenugreek Gouda: On the Women cheesemakers of Wisconsin.

Landmark Creamery’s Tall Grass

The dynamic Landmark Anna duo:, left, Thomas Bates, right.

Chaseholm Creamery’s Aging Wheels (squares?)