Public Cheese Classes

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I teach public and private cheese making and wine & cheese classes all over the Bay Area! Find out more about my private classes here, or email [email protected] with questions. As a friendly reminder, these classes fill up very fast. If they’re listed but sold out, ask about a waiting list- sometimes spots open up. 


February & March Classes and Events

Burrata by Hand

Feb 13th & 15th, Monday & Wednesday, 6-9:30 pm, 18 Reasons

The most exciting cheese on the cheese board needs little explanation: burrata is fresh mozzarella filled with luscious cream and more cheese. You get to make your own in one short night. And eat it too! In this action-packed evening class, you will learn the basics of cheesemaking, including which milk to use, where to find cultures, and options for rennet. You will also leave with a deeper understanding of the science behind the process.


Cheesemaking: Spring Cheeses with Leaves, Herbs and Flowers

March 5th, Sunday 11-2 pm, The Cheese School 

Few of the new year’s pleasures are greeted with as much joy as the wobbly legs and little sounds of baby animals and the first bright blooms in the garden. In this class you’ll learn to make feta, fromage blanc, and ricotta from scratch, then marinate each in its own springtime bouquet of leaves, herbs, and flowers.

Ridge Montebello Collector Tasting

March 12th, Sunday, Ridge Montebello

Join us for our 16th annual Component Tasting on March 11th & 12th. This event is an exclusive opportunity for Monte Bello Collector Members to participate firsthand in the assemblage process and taste barrel samples of the separate varietal components for the 2016 vintage of Monte Bello. [I pair the cheese, tell the creamery’s stories, and attend the event].


Ricotta 101: Cheesemaking & Cooking Class

March 20th, Monday, 6-9:30 pm, 18 Reasons

If you love fresh cheese, but think you could never make it yourself, Kirstin Jackson is here to empower you! In this hands-on class, we’ll make two ricotta styles — whole, from cow and sheep’s milk, and ricottone from whey (considered “true ricotta”) — and prepare a few recipes that make the most of the unique flavor of each:


Artisan Cheese & Wine Festival: Tour & Lunch- Perfect Pairings

March 24th, Friday, Sonoma Cheese Festival

Rise and shine! Start your morning with the Pacheco family, proprietors of Achadinha Cheese Company and the Pacheco Family Dairy. On nearly 300 acres in Petaluma, Jim and Donna Pacheco, with help from their four children, milk goats and make cheese inspired by family legacy and the Old World traditions of Portugal. You will tour the farm, learn why the Pachecos transitioned from a traditional cow dairy to a goat dairy, meet the “girls”, and taste their farmstead cheeses. Then you are off to the historic Petaluma Hotel…


Springtime Cheese & Wine Pairing

March 28th, Tuesday, 6:30-8:30pm, The Cheese School 

Come May, foodie hearts’ swoon at the first sights and flavors of Spring. Few of the new year’s pleasures are greeted with as much joy as the wobbly legs and little baa’s of baby goats and lambs. Babies on the farm means milk for cheesemakers. Author and cheese expert Kirstin Jackson will lead you in a tasting of the first cheeses of the year….