Public Cheese Classes & Events

Fall Classes & Events

I teach public and private cheese making and wine & cheese classes all over the Bay Area! Find out more about my private classes here, or email [email protected] with questions. As a friendly reminder, these classes fill up very fast. If they’re listed but sold out, ask about a waiting list- sometimes spots open up. 


September Cheese Classes + Events

Corks + Curds: Cheeses & Wines of California
September 16th, Sunday 7:00pm – 9:00pm, The California Artisan Cheese Guild – SF Cheese Fest Seminar
Californians are spoiled by our stellar weather, our great produce and of course, our wine and cheese! The old adage of “what grows together, goes together” gets put to the test in this class showcasing the best of California cheeses and wines.

Beginning Cheesemaking
September 19th, Wednesday 6:30pm – 9:30pm, Draeger’s, Menlo Park
Overview of cheese science, along with tastings and accompaniments for snacking. We will cover fresh, fluffy Indian Paneer, handmade whole milk ricotta, and cultured crème fraîche.

Grilled Cheese and the Drinks that Love Them
September 25th, Tuesday 6:30pm – 9:00pm, 18 Reasons, San Francisco
In this class you’ll learn how to make classic sammies, as well as more adventurous fillings to modernize and elevate this humble meal! Kirstin will share tricks of the trade to perfectly combining cheeses and condiments—like jam or tapenade—by making your own. You’ll master why some cheeses melt and others don’t and how to find the perfect combo. At the end of the class, we’ll pair the perfect melts you make in class with wine and beer. Think comfort food, modernized, with a pint. 

Happy Hour Cheese Battle: Europe vs America
September 27th, Thursday 6:30pm -8:30pm, Feastly, Russian Hill, San Francisco
IIn this epic cheese battle, artisan American cheeses will face their European inspirations. Burgundian triple cremes vs buttery bries. Italian mozzarella vs Cali ovillini. Think deliciousness versus… deliciousness.   You’ll pick the winners in this blind tasting of 8 cheeses. Get your score cards ready! Guests will be greeted with a glass of welcome wine, and cheeses will be joined by bread, nuts, and delicious sides at the table. 

DIY Feta Cheese
September 30th, Sunday 10am – 12pm, Preserved- Oakland
In this workshop, we’ll DISCUSS the basics of cheese science, what milk to use and how to age your feta cheese to perfection. We will get HANDS-ON as we move through the stages of cheesemaking: fermenting the milk, curd cutting, pitching, forming and brining. Plus we will TASTE some of our favorite finished versions of feta. Everyone will TAKE HOME their own cheese to age at home, and enjoy 3-4 weeks later!

October Classes + Events

Local Cheese, Local Wine
October 3rd, Wednesday, The Cheese School, San Francisco
The term locavore describes someone who eats food harvested from within a 100-mile radius of their home. Fortunately for us locavores and would-be locavores the Bay Area harvest delivers world-class cheese and wine. Wine and cheese expert Kirstin Jackson will explore local flavors and creations sourced from our own backyard.

Kermit Lynch Fall Wine Release
October 19th, The Hub, Oakland
Details coming soon…

Making Soft-Ripened Goat Cheese
October 21st, Sunday, Preserved, Oakland
It wasn’t too long ago that chèvre was the only American goat cheese sitting on grocery store shelves. Now, from Humboldt Fog to the classic French cheeses of the Loire Valley, there’s a plethora of goat cheese beauties out there enchanting us. Now it’s our turn!

Funky Washed-Rinds: Cheesemaking
October 23th, Tuesday, 18 Reasons, San Francisco
This class is for you if you’re the type who considers brie too “mellow,” or mozzarella “bland,” or if you’ve already made fresh and subtle cheeses and now are aching to try something different (i.e. stinky). Sweet but stinky, funky yet lovable, washed-rind cheeses have no need to announce their presence in a room. Their legend and scent precedes them. Think of the orange-rinded Époisses, Red Hawk, Durrus, and Tallegio.

Beginning Cheesemaking
October 27th, Saturday 11am, Draeger’s, Blackhawk
Overview of cheese science, along with tastings and accompaniments for snacking. We will cover fresh, fluffy Indian Paneer, handmade whole milk ricotta, and cultured crème fraîche.