Public Cheese Classes & Events

Spring Classes & Events

I teach public and private cheese making and wine & cheese classes all over the Bay Area! Find out more about my private classes here, or email [email protected] with questions. As a friendly reminder, these classes fill up very fast. If they’re listed but sold out, ask about a waiting list- sometimes spots open up. 

Rich + Ripe: Red Wine + Cheese 

March 13th, Tuesday 6:30-8:30pm, The Cheese School in San Francisco
When the weather turns cold, our taste in cheese and wine turns toward the richer, creamier, and bolder…how else are we going to survive the winter? You will be lead through a tasting of rich reds and the cheeses that beg for bold!

Local Cheese, Local Wine 

March 21st, Wednesday 6:30-8:30pm, The Cheese School in San Francisco
The term locavore describes someone who eats food harvested from within a 100-mile radius of their home. We will explore local flavors and creations sourced from our own backyard. Terroir wine and cheese pairing looks at “what grows together, goes together.”

California Artisan Cheese Festival: Tour D Sensory

March 23rd, Friday 8:30am-3:30pm, Sebastopol
Sharpen Your Senses seminar at Sheraton Sonoma County-Petaluma, Bohemian Creamery, Lunch at zazu kitchen + farm, Wm. Cofield Cheesemakers, and Spirit Works Distillery.

Spring Goat Cheese: Cheesemaking, Wine, and Hors d’Oeurves

March 27th, Tuesday 6:00-9:00pm, 18 Reasons in San Francisco
Spring is when we look forward to strawberries, blooming flowers, and warmer days. Because the grass and herbs on the Sonoma and Marin hills are emerald green and delicious (ask the goats), it is also one of the best times of the year to celebrate all things goat and make goat cheese. In this class, we’ll have a goat’s milk tasting, learn how to make two goat’s milk cheeses, and master a few party-friendly apps with the theme’s milk. Then, we’ll pair our creations to wines that love them.

Making Mozzarella Cheese

April 5th, Thursday 7:00-9:00pm, Preserved in Oakland
In this workshop, we’ll DISCUSS the basics of cheese science, what milk to use and how to make your own mozzarella cheese at home! We will get HANDS-ON as we move through the stages of cheesemaking: fermenting the milk, cutting and stretching the curds. Plus we will TASTE some of our favorite finished versions of mozzarella.

Shepherds and Volcanoes: Mountain Cheeses and Wines

April 12th, Thursday 6:30-8:30pm, 18 Reasons in San Francisco
Despite steep climbs and threats of eruption, people have been making cheese and wine on treacherous peaks for centuries – and not just because the views are picturesque. We’ll talk about the ancient practice of transhumance, the history and culture of the regions, and pair cheese and wine that from come from uneven or volcanic grounds – some now calm, and some still explosive. The cheeses will be vibrant, the wines will be mineral, and the class will be delicious.

Battle Royale: Italy vs. France 

April 17th, Tuesday 6:30-8:30pm, The Cheese School in San Francisco
It’s a cheese-fueled war for the ages! Actually, it’s a tasty test of our biases. In this class cheese expert Kirstin Jackson will lead you through a tasting of Italian and French made cheeses, you’ll use your best judgement to discern which one reigns supreme. Along the way you’ll learn what characterizes cheesemaking regions around the world. 

Cheesemaking: Mozzarella and Burrata

April 22nd, Sunday 11:00-2pm, The Cheese School in San Francisco
Mozzarella on nearly every aspiring home-cheesemaker’s to-do list. Yet, it’s not easy to get it right. Why won’t your curds form a ball? When you do get the ball to form, why is it hard enough for a game of hacky-sack? These are the mysteries of mozzarella.

Hope to see you around!