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I teach public and private cheese making and wine & cheese classes all over the Bay Area! Find out more about my private classes here, or email [email protected] with questions. As a friendly reminder, these classes fill up very fast. If they’re listed but sold out, ask about a waiting list- sometimes spots open up. 




Wine 101: From Tannins to Acidty- The ABC’s of Wine

January 24th, Wednesday 6:30-9:00pm,  San Francisco, 18 Reasons

If you’ve always had dreams of swirling a glass of Pinot in Burgundy while talking about its acidity, grow shy when handed the wine list at a restaurant, or just wonder what people mean when they say “fruit bomb” or “bold tannins,” this Wine 101 tasting seminar is for you. In an approachable and lighthearted manner, It’s Not You, It’s Brie author, 18 Reasons cheesemaking teacher and wine expert Kirstin Jackson will break down the basics of wine culture and terminology for you with delicious wine examples….


Point Reyes Creamery: Artisan Cheesemaking at Home w/Kirstin Jackson, Farm Tour & Lunch

February 2nd, Friday 9:00-2:00pm,  Point Reyes, Point Reyes-The Fork

Kirstin Jackson fell in love with cheese at a young age. Driving around Northern California and taking tours of creameries with her parents was Kirstin’s entry into the world of cheese. Says Kirstin, “A good way to bond and keep a teenager in the car with you is to give her cheese at the end of the trip.” Fast forward to 2007, when Kirstin decided to stop writing her wine and food pairing blog “because it wasn’t enough of an escape for me from my everyday work life working in a wine shop,” and committed to her passion for cheese online. With that decision, It’s Not You, It’s Brie, was born…. This tour includes a farm tour, lunch and cheesemaking- cultured butter, creme fraiche, queso fresco and ricotta.


Basics of Cheesemaking: Paneer, Mascarpone & Fromage Blanc

February 4th, Sunday 11:00-2:00pm, San Francisco, The Cheese School

Paneer, mascarpone, and fromage blanc are the cheeses that make appetizers and main courses sing. In this hands-on class, cheesemaker Kirstin Jackson will teach you how to make the cheeses that will become staples in your fridge for many more meals to come. You’ll try your creations in class and bring some home to share, or not….


SF Beer Week: Drakes Beer & Cheese (and Me!)

February 13th, Tuesday, Oakland, The Dealership

Drake’s Brewing Barrel Program Manager Travis Camacho will team up with local cheese expert and “It’s Not You, It’s Brie” author Kirstin Jackson, to take you on a journey through beer and cheese magic. You’ll learn how cheese is made, what styles of beer and cheese pair best, hear a story or two, and leave with the power to pair your own at home. Think chèvre, buttery triple cremes, pungent blues, IPA, Porter, Berliner Weisse…. and a limited release or two. Grab a friend or bring a date to this cheese and beer love fest.


Valentine’s Day Daring Duos & Surprising BFFs

February 14th, Wednesday, San Francisco, 18 Reasons

Peanut butter and chocolate, Cabernet and steak, pumpkin and pie, cheese and… cookies? Clearly, wine and cheese have a longstanding friendship. But on this Valentine’s Day, we’re testing relationship boundaries by pairing everyone’s favorite fermented dairy with a secret crush or two. It’s Not You, It’s Brie author and recent American Cheese Society “Dairing Pairings” conference presenter Kirstin Jackson will teach the class with a wealth of research experience under her belt, a list of do’s and don’ts, and adventurous advice. Expect fromage drizzled in caramel, seaweed, cookies, sip tea, and… maybe even witness a polyamorous combo or two.


Making Feta Cheese from Scratch

February 15th, Thursday, 7:00-9:00pm, Oakland, Preserved

Rich, salty and crumbly, feta is one of the world’s most popular cheeses. Join us as we explore the magic of cheesemaking at home. In this workshop, we’ll DISCUSS the basics of cheese science, what milk to use and how to age your feta cheese to perfection. We will get HANDS-ON as we move through the stages of cheesemaking: fermenting the milk, curd cutting, pitching, forming and brining. Plus we will TASTE some of our favorite finished versions of feta. Everyone will TAKE HOME their own cheese to age at home, and enjoy 3-4 weeks later!


Beginning Cheesemaking: Queso Fresco, Ricotta & Fromage Blanc

February 24th, Saturday, 11:00am, Menlo Park, Draeger’s

• Fresh, Handmade Queso Fresco
• Fresh, Handmade Whole Milk Ricotta
• Fromage Blanc Culturing Demo and Hands-On Fromage Blanc Prep and Seasoning
• Tasting of Commercial Queso Fresco, Fromage Blanc and Ricotta
• Crostini Topped with Seasonal Fruits, Preserves and Just-Made Cheese
Learn about cultures, enzymes, shelf life, what milk to buy, serving possibilities and more. After nibbling on our creations in class, all participants take home samples of their cheese to share.

•Note this is at the Menlo Park Draeger’s Location.


Mozzarella & Burrata by Hand

March 6th, Thursday, 6:30pm, San Mateo, Draeger’s

• Fresh, Handmade Mozzarella
• Fresh, Handmade Burrata (Mozzarella’s Cream-Filled Cousin!)
• Comparative tasting of commercial cow and buffalo milk mozzarellas or burrata
• Winter fruit and toasted nut salad with the cheese we just made
Learn about cultures, enzymes, shelf life, what milk to buy, serving possibilities and more. After nibbling on our creations in class, all participants take home samples of their cheese to share.

•Note this is at the San Mateo Draeger’s Location.

Hope to see you around!