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3 Reasons Why Pairing 🍺 with 🧀 is Easier than Wine

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Beer and Cheese Pairing = ❤️ 

After years of teaching wine and cheese pairing classes I've noticed one thing from some students when I talk of the glories of beer and cheese pairing: surprise.

See that look on my face above while I drink (tinted) beer in a German beer garden? Yes. I ate some cheese right before that. This is what beer and cheese taste like together! Glorious.

If you are someone that has always assumed that there's no way anything can snuggle up to cheese quite like wine, maybe it is time for you to take a trip to the sudsy side.


Like Bettie White and comedy, beer and cheese are the perfect pairing.

If you're in the bay area, join me at my March 14th Suds & Curds: Beer & Cheese Pairing 101class at 18 Reasons. If you're further out or, just want to know why beer and cheese rock together before pairing it with me, check out my ode to beer and cheese, below.

An Ode to Beer & Cheese Pairing

3 Reasons why the lovers are meant to be

  1. The suds. That's right. The carbonation.If you've ever heard me talk about how glorious sparkling wine and cheese are together, this may sound familiar. Carbonation takes cheese to a happy place. The bubbles cut through the fat and both balance out and highlight a cheese's richness. And beer, bless its heart, it always is carbonated.

  2. Sometiiiiiimes beer is more consistent than wine = easier to pair.Wine has vintages that taste different based on the weather and farming, right? Well, unless it's a superstar beer unicorn, beer does not. Unlike winemakers who know they're at the whims of the harvest that year, brewers pride themselves on a consistent product. This makes it easier to know that a nut brown amber beer from your favorite brewer will nearly always taste the same-therefore it will always go with your cheesemonger's artisan manchego. Thank you, brewers.

  1. Grains + cheese already like each other. Take the grain that was to become bread, add more yeast, ferment it, add some bubbles, and you've just amped up one of the first pairings we fell in love with in childhood. We're already fans!

Kirstin Jackson