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New Class + Glorious Winter Cheese

CaliforniaCheeseFestival In attempt to thwart a cold before it hits full force, I'm taking a brief blog brake. I have to rest up so I can teach a couple classes this week, plus, save my energy for eating the next batch of Rush Creek when it's shipped to work in a few days. Priorities. Priorities.

In the meantime, wanted to share with you an event I'm participating in and an article I recently wrote.

The event- If readers will be in Petaluma late March, check out the California Artisan Cheese Festival! They'll be more cheese to taste there than there were (are?) munchkins in Oz, and people as awesome as Daphne Zepos and Gianaclis Caldwell of Pholia Farms will be teaching classes- check out Zepos's transhumance session & Caldwell's "A Day in the Life of a Cheesemaker session. Plus, I'll be teaching a Cheese and Wine Pairing 101 course with some of my favorite wines and cheeses from the area. Come say hi on Saturday! The festival lasts 3 days, the farm tours are already sold out, but the sessions and the "Curds, Cooks & Cuvées" still have space.

Also wanted to share an article I recently wrote for the Los Angeles Times called "Glorious Winter Cheeses." Yes, glorious is in the title. Because that's how winter cheeses roll.

Next week- Cougar Gold cheese in a can & Cougar Gold Balls recipe. Not to be missed.