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Cheese Class: You Don't Know Chevre!

Redwood Hill Goat Kid Spots are still open in the goat cheese class I'm teaching at Solano Cellars this Wednesday. Check out the write-up below, and spread the chevre love like a wildfire! I'd love to see some readers there!

The Cheese Lover's Trinity: A Tri-Milk Summit

Join Kirstin, instructor at the San Francisco Cheese School and author of "It's Not You, It's Brie" blog for a series of classes devoted to the holy cheeselover's trinity (and wine pours!). Stimulating the cheese lover’s palate through tasting, the class will explore the unique characteristics and temperaments of each cow, goat, and sheep's milk to consider what makes up some of the best cheeses around so damn good.

Wednesday, Jan 27th, 7:30 pm

Goat's Milk: You Don’t Know Chevre!

You love goat cheese; you just don't know it yet. Get ready to warm your goat-loving heart and to be surprised by the miraculous and varied nature of chevre. By the way, goats wag their tails when they’re happy.

Buy tickets here: Solano Cellars, or call the nice people at Solano Cellars, 1580 Solano Ave, Albany, CA 94707 at 510.525.9463.

And the upcoming sheep's milk cheese class:

Wednesday, Feb 3rd, $40

Sassy, Spicy, Seductive, Sheep’s Milk

There is a fabulous world of sheep’s milk cheeses out there beyond Manchego just waiting for recognition. Hold our hands, and we’ll explore it with you, spicy slice-by-slice and surprisingly creamy bite by bite.