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Classes: Alpine Cheese & Jura's Tournelle (this Thursday), & Healdsburg Shed

CheeseClass_1_of_1 You know what time it is after you've been happily heading to Sacramento for maid of honor duties for your best friend's wedding (which of course involves gorgeous brides, cake, cupcakes, cake, and a glass of wine or two), and then returning from sampling vast amounts of artisan dairy, visiting creameries, and perhaps eating one fried curd too many at ACS in Madison, right? Right. Obviously.

It's cheese class time. Education. Education that involves wine and beer. And while it also could be time to fit in an extra jog, yoga, or pilates class or two, it happens to also be time to sit in bed while writing a post and thinking about a cheese class you're going to attend tonight. Mmmmm....


Speaking of cheese classes.

Cheese school employees get snacks too.


This Thursday I'll be co-teaching a class inspired by my recent trip to the Comté region with Nadia of Joli Vin at Solano Cellars- 6 Alpine-Rhone style cheeses, and 5 wines from Domaine Tournelle. Here's the write up below. The second class is at the Healdsburg Shed. It's my first time teaching at the Shed and I'm super excited. It will be a how-to cheese beverage pairing class focusing entirely on domestic cheese, wines, brews, and mead.


The Montbéliard Ladies of Comté.

Alpine Inspired Cheese & Jura's Domaine Tournelle, Solano Cellars

6:30pm, This Thursday, August 15th

"Inspired after an in-depth Comté cheese expedition to the Jura region, author and wine bar manager Kirstin is pairing up with Joli Vin's Nadia Dmytriw for a cheese and wine pairing class. Equipped with pictures from the trip (we promise to keep classical music during slide shows to a minimum), cheese from or inspired by the traditional creations of the eastern French mountains, and Tournelle's wine from the Jura, Kirstin and Nadia will lead students through a tasting epiphany. More than one type of Comté, mountain cheeses, a domestic inspiration or two, and some of the weirdest and delicious wines you'll ever taste. Vin jaune included." 6:30pm, Thursday, August 15th, limited to 18 people, $37. Sign up by calling 510.525.9463 or emailing



Cheese & Beverage Pairing 101, Healdsburg Shed With so many celebrated artisan cheeses crafted next door to some of the country’s best wines and beers, it can sometimes be overwhelming to figure out what to pair with what. Using Shed’s local wines, beers and mead, author Kirstin Jackson will help you sort through the basics of cheese and beverage pairing in this hands-on tasting. After leaving this class, you’ll have the tools to work through our delicious abundance- one cheese and beverage at a time. 5:30-7:30, Wednesday, August 28th, Sign up here.


By the way, I'm planning to get around the country a little more this year, with a definite stop in NYC and Denver. I'll keep you posted on that too, just in case you're not blessed with the same time zone as me.

Are there any themes you'd like me to focus on in the future, or spaces in which you'd like to see me teach? Anything in particular you'd like to know more about?