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Sparklers, anyone? Well, readers, it's been a heck of a last two weeks, and right now, I'm all about spreading all the [cheese] love possible. About two weeks ago my house was burglarized, and a fair amount was stolen- computer, camera, sentimental jewelry, etc. And some Moroccan hair oil and a pillow case (so if you see someone with luscious, sweet-smelling hair that looks like they had a good night sleep, call the Oakland PD). But alas, I have renters insurance, and although my claim involved a wealth of paperwork, having that insurance has been a godsend. A case of odd timing- the day after the burglary I was supposed to get my book manuscript back and had 3 weeks to edit it. Computer-less, I was in a little bit of a bind. But my lovely editor (bless her) held off for a few days until I got a replacement computer. So now I'm busting my booty editing to meet the new deadline for that and other things. Good news- the book draft is looking pretty good, for a draft! And, the other things that are keeping me busy are work related, and are fabulous. There are just a lot of them. And, hey, I'm healthy, and I ate an awesome plate of carnitas last night while sipping mezcal.

Alas, it's been a very full couple of weeks. So in the middle of this fury, I'm very happy to announce today two things.

1  I'm teaching a ton of classes this spring (some listed below, more on way).

2- The California Artisan Cheese Festival is back. Yay local dairy and cheese education!

I'm very happy to be teaching these classes, and I'll  have more to announce shortly. Plus, the Southern Cheese one will be a rare class- you don't hear about this region's cheese often, there's amazing stuff to be tasted, and there's moonshine to drink. Exciting points all over.  Second, I'm happy about the the California Cheese fest in Sonoma because it is a fabulous way to meet small-production cheesemakers, indulge in vast amounts of dairy, and take some classes. If I were free that weekend, I'd go. I highly suggest it. There will even be a cheesemaker there from Utah who milks Icelandic sheep.

CLASSES GALORE (more to come)

Southern Cheeses & Spirits, Mar. 25, Sunday: The Cheese School of San Francisco

Let’s name the great cheesemaking regions of the US: California,Wisconsin, Vermont,... Georgia? The South is indeed rising again. Creameries like Georgia’s Sweet Grass Dairy, Texas’ Mozzarella Company, and Alabama’s Stone Hollow are turning out great cheese and getting national attention for it. Cheese blogger and wine maven Kirstin Jackson will lead and pair her selections with her favorite Southern spirits.

Spring Sparklers, April 16th, Monday: The Cheese School of San Francisco

It’s springtime, the birds are chirping and the blossoms, blooming! Love is in the air. What better way to celebrate than with some milky nibbles, light sparkling wines, and hopefully, someone charming and attractive with whom to share in the bounty. This class is a fresh and lively guided tour through some of the best cheeses and bubbly wines spring has to offer. Charming and attractive date not included.

Summer Cheese & Wine, June 20th, Wednesday: The Cheese School of San Francisco

In summer, foodie daydreams linger on sunshine, fabulous cheese, and thirst-quenching wines. ‘It’s Not You, It’s Brie,’ blogger and oenophile Kirstin Jackson will lead you in a fantasy tasting of summer’s best. Think fresh and just ripe cheeses and light, fun wines. You’ll find some pairings to inspire your summer gatherings.


The California Artisan Cheese Festival


March 23rd- 25th

March 23rd- all the Friday Farm tours are sold out. Sign up quick for the Laguintas beer & cheese dinner.

The rest of the goods.