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"Comté Shows There's More Than Gruyere In The Alps"

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While I'm waiting for a Dutch cheese brochure translation so I can tell you a little bit more next week about a sexy Boerenkaas gouda that a lovely, lovely, person brought home for me from her friend's creamery in Holland, I wanted to share my latest article on NPR's Kitchen Window. I had a lot of fun writing it.

Here's the lead from "Comté Shows There's More Than Gruyere In The Alps"

"Known for its fondue-ready texture and nutty taste, Swiss Gruyere has long been the cheese of choice for cooks who want something as smooth melting as mozzarella but with more complexity. But in the mountains just across the French border, there's another Alpine-style cheese that just might one-up this standard.

With flavors of fresh butter, citrus, hazelnuts, caramelized onions or chocolate, Comte is a cheese with more range than Meryl Streep and a texture just as seamless."

Read the rest here, where you'll also find the three recipes for Comté that I created, including the one for the grattin number in the above photo.

Comments on the NPR website are welcome, and very appreciated.

Until next week!


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