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Spring = Babies, Babies, More babies, and Goat Festivals at the Ferry Plaza.

Little Seed Farm babies I've been feeling like something was missing from my life lately and I couldn't figure out what. Down time, sure, but there's never enough of that. Friends? Couldn't be, I have plenty of wonderful friends that I adore. A partner? Sure, but, dating is, well, dating, and well, enough said. After going through the list of commonly listed "missing things" and re-watching Pretty in Pink (they discuss what could happen if you miss your prom, and I was doing research on missing things), I figured it out.

It has been two years since I've been to a farm during spring time. This means that it's been two years since I snuggled with a baby goat or sheep.

Goats from the Goat Party at the Ferry Plaza this Saturday- can we make them stay this small?

Cow's are on a year-long breeding schedule, but normally goats and sheep give birth in spring time.

Know what that means?


I don't want to knock any human babies out there, but I think that baby goats could be even cuter than baby people. I've seen pictures of myself as a child, and I agree.

Bleating Heart babies, otherwise known as lamb snuggle bunnies.

So I wanted to send a little love today to all the baby animals out there. You are too damn cute. I love you.

A goat in a sweater from Prodigal Farm, North Carolina.

If you happen to be around a farm that's having an open house, go. You won't regret it. Baby goats wag their tails. They also eat your belt ends but that's beside the point. And San Franciscan's - there is a goat festival this Saturday from 10am to 1pm at the Ferry Plaza. There will be baby goats to play with and pet. Please go if you can stand to die from cuteness.

And oh my gosh, Prodigal Farm in North Carolina needs volunteers to help feed the babies.

Redwood Hill Farm, frolicking.

Hope you enjoy the pics of the babes! Most of them came from the farm themselves.

Have you played with a baby sheep or goat this year?

Goat, the goat's name, from Prodigal Farm says goodbye.

Here I am petting my first sheep. Baby animals still win in cuteness.