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Gouda Ice Cream Cone: Possibly Real

gouda1 copy Gouda, pre-carving.

Somewhere, in this fantastic world of ours exists an ice cream cone made of gouda. Although I have never actually seen one besides in my sweetest dreams, I know its true because my friend Kate told me. And she doesn't lie. But she does guest post.

When not writing her blog Straight Outta Chocolate, making rock star cakes (seriously), spinning records around Los Angeles, making music, manning an independent book store, hitting up thrift stores, or perusing her father's world's largest Bob Marley/Reggae collection for inspiration, she can be found roaming her kitchen, rustling up all kinds of delicious treats, like vegetarian French Dip sandwiches, 2 ways.

Here's Kate's take on cheese,  shaped into ice cream cones.

"I wasn't introduced to cheese the way most kids were- with comfortable, bland, antiseptic plastic-wrapped string cheese and perfect squares of Kraft.  Then again, nothing about my upbringing was exactly normal.  Our house was constantly flooded with people, visitors from places I couldn't even find on a map.  Countries with exotic names like Mauritius and Zimbabwe, towns like Utrecht and Kapa'a and Zion.

Like most people with a serious love of food, most of my childhood memories revolve around what I ate, rather than the usual who, where and when that I assumed my peers identified with.  So when Kirstin told me about creating her new cheese blog, one of the first conversations we had involved childhood cheese memories.  I remember meeting a large, sunny family from Holland (from the above named Utrecht), who came bearing the best gift I could imagine- something edible!  The cheese they brought me wasn't immediately recognizable as cheese however, coming wrapped in colorful wax and molded into the artful shapes that only kids can truly appreciate.

My Gouda (pronounced How-da by our visitors) was designed to look like a perfect strawberry ice-cream cone, so perfect that I remember licking the wax, hoping against hope that it was made of that recently discovered magic manna-from-the-stars, astronaut ice-cream.  So perfect that I kept that wax wrapper for weeks after its salty, creamy insides were devoured, tucked into a drawer reserved for special, secret finds.

And so perfect that when it came time to research my wacky looking cheese for Kirstin's blog, I couldn't find evidence of Gouda wrapped in anything but the normal (and in my eyes, boring) round black and red wax.  I started to doubt myself - thinking maybe I made up this memory, that it was just a dream.  But then I remembered the taste of Gouda, the foreign-ness of this almost cheddar, the buttery, slightly salty flavor that rendered all my previous experiences with cheese null and void.  I told myself this couldn't have been a dream, because this simple memory resonated for years, prepping me for a life of edible exploration"

Have you ever seen this ice cream cone? And, ahem, the above photo is not an ice cream cone, but damn fine gouda. Because we couldn't find the cone.

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