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Halloween Cheese: From Moo to Boo

Halloween and cheese may not seem like the most natural combination in the world, but look where chocolate and sea salt were five years ago. Who would have thought that today they would have become as sexy of a pairing as duck fat and potatoes or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Not me, but oh my, how I am now in love. Halloween and cheese are destined to become such an exalted pairing. I see it in the cards.

By the way, you know what doesn't go with Halloween? Raisins. Unless they're chocolate covered. Now that that's out of my system, from moo to boo.

Here are links to my favorite cheese and halloween ideas, with a few harvest-ey recipes thrown in for good measure.

Spooky Ghost Pizza Recipe

Tomato soup and cheesy toast recipe

Pumpkin Face Quesadilla

Photo by Dianne of All Recipes

 Dianne's Pumpkin Cookie Cups Filled with a Cream Cheese Filling

Monster Fingers and Pimento Cheese Paws

Savory Pumpkin Puffs

Pumpkin Soup with Gruyere

And.... a short list of amazingly orange artisan cheese for your festive plate:

Red Rock by Dunbarton Blue, and Mimolette,

Any cheesy Halloween plans for you readers? I'm going to a bash with a friend as Bonny and Clyde. Yup, I'm a total geek for dressing up in period pieces. My friend didn't want to wear my Def Leopard shirt and rat her hair, but still wanted do a partner custome, so obviously this was our only option.