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Tallegio Grilled Cheese Sandwich Because the world of cheese is wide and vast and I can’t possibly meet all your dairy needs, here are some of my favorite Links du Fromage this month. Feel free to leave links to your own favorites in this post’s comment section.


Walmart, "Lacing up Gloves in Price Battle," Diary Herd

Getting a Butter maker's license in Wisconsin, Cheese Underground

Cheese, Cheese, and Fromage Links

On Jasper Hill's Moses Sleeper, Cheese and Champagne.

Haystack Peak, Cheese and Champagne (In fact, why don't you just stay on the page. Check out their write-up on Green Hill Dairy too.)

Rogue River Blue, on Vanilla and Garlic.

Tickelmore and Coolea at the Washington Post.

Matt from Matt Bites (hallow be your photos) is cheesing it up, video style. Don't miss it.

Fat Bottomed Girl, by Bleating Heart Sheep at Cheese Underground.

Recipes: Goat Cheese Focus

Swiss Chard, Goat Cheese, and Prosciutto Tart, Sweet Tartlette.

Goat Cheese Zucchini Rolls, Apples and Butter.

Bergamot Marmalade, at David Lebovitz (to accompany a fresh goat cheese).

More of My Bizness

"Don't Turn up Your Nose at a Stinky Cheese," NPR Kitchen Window (original recipe photo pictured above).

I'm teaching two classes at the SF Cheese School this spring, one of which will be right after I return from a trip to France (seasonal goat cheeses, here I come!). And... I just found out they are both are sold-out (not unusual for their classes) but they have a waiting list. Plus, they have some other beauties you should check out that are not yet full.

Stephanie Stiavetti featured a "Food Blogger Spotlight" interview with me on Wasabimon.

Just published a review on the Tartine cookbook on The Good Taste Review.

I am POSITIVE there are links that I missed, especially those pertaining to small-production dairy happenings. I'll love you if you add your links to mine in the comment section below.

Thank you for linking!