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My November cheese classes

Paula Lambert's Hoja Santa, from the Cheese School website While I'm mainly confining myself to my writing cave (bedroom) for the next couple months until I finish my manuscript that's due in January, I am emerging occasionally to eat, take hot showers, walk around the block, and teach a cheese class or two.

Here are two classes that I'm teaching at the Cheese School of San Francisco later this month. Come to eat crazy amounts of cheese, drink a little southern booze, and to say hello. I miss people.

Love Birds: Classic European Cheese & Wine Pairing

Tuesday, November 22nd (6:30-8:30pm)

Epoisses and Burgundy, Pecorino and Sangiovese, these pairings are the Bogie and Bacall of cheese and wine. Cheese blogger and wine maven Kirstin Jackson will introduce you to the greatest love stories of the old world. You’ll learn about the cultural and geographical reasons why these pairs click.

Southern Cheeses & Spirits

Tuesday, November 29th (6:30-8:30pm)

Let’s name the great cheesemaking regions of the US: California, Wisconsin, Vermont,… Georgia? The South is indeed rising again. Creameries like Georgia’s Sweet Grass Dairy, Texas’ Mozzarella Company, and Alabama’s Stone Hollow are turning out great cheese and getting national attention for it. Cheese blogger and wine maven Kirstin Jackson will lead and pair her selections with her favorite Southern spirits.