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Cheese (and Wine) Club of the Month- Now Ships from California!

CheeseoftheMonthClub1 (1 of 1) This month, the "It's Not You, It's Brie" cheese club of the month heads west. That's right, the cheese of the month club will now ship from my home state of California. Why the cheese move, you ask? Two reasons. It lets me access artisan cheese that I can only send from California, and, it'll help me lower the cost. A lot. Shipping to my California friends will also be a lot more wallet-friendly, too. Plus,… I'm also adding on wine option for cheese and wine pairing fans.

If you think you might know a cheese lover who would appreciate the club for their holiday gift, please read on for club details. If the cheese lover is you, and you don't care about the holidays except for increased cookie supply at the office, I feel you, cookie lover. You can read on, too.

As always, feel free to email me at if you have any questions.

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The Cheese Clubs

Every month, I'll pick three of my favorite artisan cheeses from around the world for you. One of my selections will be as ripe and ready as soft heirloom tomatoes in late July, and the other two will hold happy in a fridge for a couple weeks. I'll ship the cheese, my descriptions written in the lively style of my book and articles for LA Times and NPR from my favorite wine shop and cheese bar (Solano Cellars) to your home. After the club is shipped, members will also receive an email with one of my original recipes for one of the cheeses in the club, accompanied by photographs like those in this newsletter. This club could be the most delicious thing you’ve found greeting you once a month on your front porch… ever. See the pic of a recent recipe on top.

Option 1: The It’s Not You, It’s Brie Cheese Club

Includes around a pound of cheese, cheese descriptions, and after the club is shipped, a club email with the recipe. The single share option costs $37, plus shipping.

  • If you live in California, we’ll ship it to you UPS. Click here to buy the cheese club.
  • If you live anywhere else but California, we’ll ship it to you via Fed Ex 2-day. Click here to buy the cheese club.
  • The first club will ship in January and holiday giftees will receive welcome notes telling them when to expect their first gift shipment.

Option 2: The It’s Not You, It’s Brie Cheese & Wine Club

Includes around one pound of cheese, cheese descriptions, and the recipe. Plus… a bottle of wine worth $25 that Kirstin will expertly pair with one or more of the cheeses, with wine notes. The cheese and wine club totals $62, plus shipping.


A few more details….

  • Upon purchasing the club, Kirstin will email welcome notes to all member or club purchasers telling them when to except their first shipment. If you’d also like to purchase a signed copy of Kirstin’s book, click here.
  • Clubs will be shipped the second Tuesday of the month. The first club will ship in January and holiday giftees will receive welcome notes telling them when to except their first gift shipment.
  • Members can sign up to receive clubs every month, or every other month. There is a three-month club minimum and shoppers can sign up in 3-month increments. The shipping charges will be calculated for the first month on the website, and we'll call you shortly after you sign up for your payment info for the next two clubs.


Disclosure: The cheese will be sourced and packed with the utmost care and experience and will arrive on your doorstep in optimal condition. Solano Cellars does not accept responsibility for the condition of the cheese after they leave the shop. 

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