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French Cheese & Wine Tour: Provence!

828ef999-c460-43fe-8f38-c3b54c21eb14 A tour here, a class there, a little bubbly sipping everywhere, planning events for SF Beer Week- how's one to keep in all in straight? I have no idea. With battling visions of spring in Provence and winter cheese classes in my head, I'm a little in need of an organizer. Or a calendar. Or someone to put things in my organizer and calendar (l pay in cheese?).

Either way, I'm loving what the busyness is bringing. December and wine buying season hit like a glittery, icy, hammer at the wine shop I work at, we're shipping wine all over the place, and things are in motion all around me. I'm a little tired, but feeling very blessed.

I'll be featuring different cheeses on my blog throughout December and will have a lot of news to share in the upcoming weeks, so please keep posted!


Today, there's something I want to share with you dear readers that I'm very excited about. My first tour! I'm heading to Provence with the UC Alumni Association! Yup, you're invited, too.

Flavors of Provence: A 9-Day Infusion of Wine, Food and Culture:

I'm honored to announce that I'm the guest lecturer on an upcoming UC Berkeley Alumni trip to Provence this May. Did I mention I love to travel? I'll be joining the Cal Travel team as one of their hosts to provide further enrichment and education on the tour by talking about... you guessed it! Cheese, culture and wine. Though it sounds like its just for alumni, anyone can actually join the group after joining the association (which is open to the general public). I'm pretty ecstatic. We'll be staying for seven nights in a farmhouse chateau, watching cooking demonstrations from Michelin starred chef Edouard Loubet, visiting markets, and... more. At the moment, spots are still open. Let me know if you have any questions- if I can't answer them, I'll direct you to someone who can.


I'm very excited and hope some of you can make, but if you can't, rest assured they'll be more opportunities go eat cheese with me, many of them at future classes, or, just with me in general. I eat a lot of it.

I hope you have a wonderful week!


(I'm working on the comments issue on the blog at the moment. I can read them and appreciate the love, but I know that you can't. I hope to have it back to normal soon! Thanks for holding tight, your support, and reading!)