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When Cheddar Visited Oktoberfest

lincolnshirepacher copy If you catch me in a corner with a wine glass and a slice of cheese, there's no telling what's in store. Better just walk away. But when I have a pint in one hand, and a wedge the other, it's almost certain the cheese is going to be Cheddar. And if you bring me another Belgian farmhouse ale, I just might share.

Salty, earthy, sweet, and meaty, Cheddar fulfills the duties requisite of a robust beer cheese. And, If you don't count that grocery store brand version that was brighter orange than the last Cheeto in the bottom of the bag, I've never had one that can't make a good beer happy.

In honor of beer and Cheddar, I give you a couple photos of an Oktoberbest celebration. You can thank me later for not posting pictures of the guest pretending to be a German tourist who carried beer in his backpack, wore tiny jogging shorts-underwear and rubbed himself against young women. Instead, I give you Lincolnshire Poacher, a finer than fine alternative.

And thank you Amanda and company for the homemade brats, sauerkraut, slow-roasted Niman Ranch pork leg, cabbage & bacon, and applesauce cake. And chocolate cake and gingersnaps. And potato salad.