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Lincoln Log: Like Bucheron but Better

Zingerman Creamery's Lincoln Log Zingerman's Lincoln Log is made in the grand tradition of European goat cheese classics Bucheron and Caña de Cabra, but because Lincoln Log is made in the states, you're going to love it even more.

Lincoln Log, Bucheron and Caña de Cabra are foot-long cylindrical cheeses with bloomy-rinds and soft centers. They age from the outside in and have three striking layers: the outer, plush white rind; the soft, velvet ribbon below the bloom, and the soft, crumbly center. Taste each separately, than enjoy together.

Bucheron is a French cheese that makes its way on more seasonal chevre chaud salads than bacon does burgers (or food blogs). Caña de Cabra is pretty much dead on like Bucheron, except that it's made in Spain, so it obviously hangs out way later at night and rocked a mullet before hipsters remembered what they were.

But Lincoln Log tastes better. Why? It's not that little "Made in the U.S.A" tag that's on it (or not on it, whatever), it's because its made close by, spends less time in transportation, so there is a much better chance you'll get it fresher.

And this is a cheese you want especially fresh, when it's lively flavors jump out to say hello and the rind hasn't yet developed a strong ammonia-esque flavor.

Bucheron and Cana de Cabra are great, but Lincoln Log shines at a creamery near you. Try with an un-oaked California Sauvignon blanc or Italian varietal white.