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I just launched my first online shop! hello, cheese gifts

After years of thinking, dreaming, and writing about, traveling for, selling, and eating cheese my friends, I am excited to announce that I finally opened an online shop where I can sell cheese bling.

Welcome to my grand opening!

To celebrate, use my grand opening discount code at check-out:


Featuring my favorite goods created by a rotating selection of artists and craftspeople, as well as general bling for your favorite cheese lover (next up, It's Not You, It's Brie tote bags & recipe art, and yup, stay tuned for holiday love, too), the It's Not You, It's Brie shop will focus on all things fromage-tastic. Each month I'll add a little something more until the offering is bustling and as packed as your favorite tub of chèvre.

Soon I hope that my soon will be your go-to source for cheese swag, cheese gifts, and delicious things to eat with 🧀.


First up are 8 x 10 prints by one of my favorite artists, Malachy Egan. His art might look familiar. He created my brand logo by hand (so cute ♡) and he's done work for for Essex St. Cheese, Culture Magazine, Di Bruno Bros., & Columbia Cheese among others. 

Everything I’m selling means something to me.

One of the reasons Malachy’s art touches my heart is because it's more than just beautiful pictures- it tells stories of the cheese world that we may not all know about. Malachy has traveled the world for cheese and has worked in the industry for years. His art dishes out behind-the-scenes peeks at secret (ish) cheesemonger cheese paper folds, reveals cheesemaker's personality, or provides a lighthearted look at a traditional cheesemaking or the dairy world.  And oh my gosh, yes it's cute too. We just happened to met on a bus during a cheese tour of Wisconsin, I asked to see his art, we became quick friends, and I hired him for my logo and then just kept going.

I think you'll love his art as much as I do. 

Next up is art by my friend, wine lover, and architect professor David Gissen.

California &  French wine metro maps

Creator of the wine metro maps and architect professor extraordinaire David Gissen and I met around 6 years ago when I was managing a wine shop. I’d help David find geeky wine to drink and he’d tell me all about the cool things he was doing as a visiting professor at the California College of Arts and Crafts, Yale, Columbia or Vienna. He was super nice, funny, liked wine and cheese, and we were following each other on social media so obvs we became friends.

One day David walked into the wine shop and unrolled a poster of French wine appellations that was very different from anything I'd seen. Based on the Parisian metro system, it broke down the tricky grape-growing regions in a modern, innovate way that brought them to life and made them approachable (if you've seen other wine appellation maps you'd know this is a big deal). And wow did it look cool. He made it “just for fun,” he said.

Think anyone else might be interested in it, he asked? Ummm… yes!

I’m so honored to be able to sell these today!

I thought you might like to hang these where you like to drink wine, too, or hand them out as your next cheese gift.

Thank you so much for your support, and I hope you enjoy my shop as it grows!

Interested in seeing something not yet offered? Let me know what!

Kirstin Jackson