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Have I mentioned before that when one returns from the American Cheese Society Conference, they come back with a cheese baby? True story. One can earn a pound or two while having such a fabulous time. I've decided to to name mine "Fromage Hush-puppy Jackson." The middle name is a loving reference to the baskets of the southern treat I downed after eating slice after slice of fromage at the North Carolina conference (and no, I wasn't hungry, but that wasn't the point). Am also considering giving it the double last name of "Ribs-Jackson" in honor the meat cut (pork and beef, in case you're curious) I consumed quite frequently, with vinegar, a la mode North Carolina.

Oh, the things I do and eat for my job... Taking one for Team Cheese! God bless Team Cheese for letting me play.

The kids waking up at Prodigal Farms.

So my plans were to come back and show pictures of my time spent in North Carolina and of some of the awesome people with whom I got to hang out. Turns out though that all my pictures were of animals, cheese, and regional food. No people. But I swear, I did hang out with people! While eating. And drinking. I just, got distracted by all the food and local beer, I guess.

North Carolina Beer, nope haven't found them in the Bay.

Here is a photo tour of what I did while at ACS. Or, mainly, what I ate, a couple restaurant recs, and some shots from one of my favorite Southern dairies, Prodigal Farm. Which reminds me, if you have a chance to try Southern Cheese, good god, do it! I was so happy to have the conference in Raleigh this year because it allowed us to taste some regional beauties that don't often make it to the west coast. I love you, southern cheese! Xoxoxo.

Prodigal Farm's Hunkadora, acidifying.

Morning Light on Chevy, Prodigal Farm.

Lastly, congratulations to the ACS winners!

Some great southern cheesemakers won- was so happy! Just three were: Sequatchie Cove for Dancing Ferm (1st for farmstead- SUCH a big accomplishment for this newer dairy), Looking Glass Creamery, and Nature's Harmony Farm. More than 1,700 cheeses were entered in this competition. Full list of ACS winners here.

Fermented Foods class. Lardo, prosciutto, Southern cheeses and beer.

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Bonnie Blue Tomme

North Carolina Vermentino. Yup. Not bad, not bad.

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Soo... North Carolina was pretty awesome....

Want to read more about ACS? Cheese and Champagne updated A LOT (skills), and Cheese Underground, well, still prolific. The House Mouse on Meet the Cheesemaker. Gordonzola on Judging and Beyond. And I'm sure there's more.