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Dairy Farm Animals: A Cute-off

Tumalo Farms, young doe I woke up inspired this morning to share some favorite photos from dairy farms I visited while traveling for the book. But the photos aren't of cheese. While taking pictures of wheel after wheel of fermented milk is gratifying, one just doesn't experience the same excitement level they do when taking pictures of dairy animals. Cheese is alive, ever-changing, sure, but it always holds still. It's cute, but not baby lamb adorable. Then again, it's a heck of a lot easier to get it to pose for the camera.

Marcia Barinaga of Barinaga Ranch and her babes.

Here are some of the photos that warm my heart the most. I'd love to hear which ones tickle your fancy too.....I'm not saying that one has to vote on which animal is the cutest (although if one wanted to express their preference, they could leave it in the comment section) because we don't want to hurt the animals feelings, but, umm... one could. It'll be between you and I. The animals will never know if they've been slighted because we won't tell them. If you're not into that sort of thing, than just enjoy the pictures. It's my little ode to the animals that make it all possible.

Tumalo Farms, babes.

Dutch Belted & Jersey from Scholten Family.

A Weybridge Milker, Scholten Family.

Cobb Hill Baby. Let's name her Lolita.

Landaff cow that I call to call Betty.

Landaff calf.

Conisder Bardwell kids.

Mystique, my name for a doe at Consider Bardwell.

Upland's Berkshire piggies. Yes, I ate one.

An Uplands calf I'd like to name Maria.