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Oh, Hello Goat Cheese: I'm Back, Oozing Wheels & ❤️ Shapes


Oh, hello there! It's been a while, cheese lovers. Goat cheese lovers, this post is for you. 

I'm sorry I've been away from this blog for so long (hopefully you've had your dairy needs met in other ways), but I promise I've been away for an amazing reason.

My cheese class business has been as busy as a hummingbird in spring.

As always, I've been teaching public classes at places like 18 Reasons and Preserved (<-- a new one for me, love it), but in the past few months, my private class business has ramped up to 11. It's been wonderful and I'm very lucky! So while I've talked about cheese, paired it, and made it, because I've been doing it so much front of other people, and working on my next book, I haven't had time to blog my heart out here.


Luckily, I just hired a couple wonderful people for inspiration and to help me with the nuts and bolts of the business (oh, hello invoicing and newsletter links). Meaning I'm back!. I'm excited to tell you about what I've been doing while away, too.

I'm been making those oozing goat cheeses! And the little heart shaped one? Yup, made that too. I ❤ making ❤ cheeses (the next time you can learn how to make something like this with me is at 18 Reasons later this month, or in a private class).

I hadn't played around with goat's milk much since I taught a queso fresco fundraising class at Tomales Farmstead (I got to use their own milk, yay!) so I've been having a blast. Using what I learned from making cheese with Sleight Farms, and reading books and testing recipes from some of my favecheesemakingbooks, I developed these little guys here. Of course there was a lot of research and tasting.

Did I mention they ooze? They do. I maaaaay have forgotten one in my cheese cave (otherwise known as wine fridge) for a week too long. Oops.


I was also excited to make these cheeses because it's an amazing time to use goat's milk. Those green hills around California from all the rain = tons of delicious grasses and herbs for the ladies to snack on.

This also means it's a great time to buy goat cheese because many goats around the country are likewise getting their nibbles on. My northeastern friends, we've got your back until your goats can prance outside. Stay warm please.

A goat cheese or two I'd give 5 starts to are those made by Stepladder, Capriole's Sofia or Wabash Cannonball, Bonne Bouche, Prodigal Farms beauties, and Ruggle Hill's gems. Just to start. There's a lot of exploring to do, my friends.

Pair with Sauvignon Blanc, unoaked whites and sparklings, Gamay, or Cabernet Franc, and enjoy in front of a fire or Burning Log watching it rain or snow.