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"It's Not You, It's Brie" Book Events!

The Book.

Well friends, I must say that when I got my first email a couple months ago from a book store manager asking me if I would like to have a book event with her, I was more excited than a cheese geek in a Roquefort cave. They were asking me? My week was made.

Well the pleasure produced from book stores being interested in my work has not subsided. I'm an avid reader and imagining something I wrote sitting even across the shop from books written by my favorite authors, well, it's humbling. My parents used to drop me off at libraries when I was young (maybe with a little trail mx or something to nourish me) and I was happy to stay there for four, five, six hours. I um.... will still do this on occasion today. So being invited to places that house so many  of books that I adore, well, it's more than flattering. My book geek heart is ecstatic.

More events are in the works, but here is a list of places that I'll be visiting to promote the book. They're not until October and beyond, but hey, doesn't hurt to know ahead of time. I hope you see you at one or more! And yes, there will be cheese!

And,.... I'm happy to announce that "It's Not You, It's Brie: Unwrapping America's Unique Culture of Cheese" is now on Amazon and at Powell's for pre-order. It publishes Nov 6th, and if you're willing to wait, you'll also likely find it at your lovely local book shop! Support the locals too!



Pasta Shop Foods, Berkeley, California, Saturday Oct 20th 1-4pm

October is American Cheese Month, and we're putting together an event around the month that highlights the cheesemakers in my book. And by the way, I used to work behind the cheese counter here....    There will be festivities, cheesemakers sampling their goods, and me, signing book copies for the first time ever. The book's officially released Nov 6th, but there just might be a copy or two available....  Plus, Pasta Shop will be cooking recipes from my book an entire week before the event to promote it. How cool is that? Yes, I'm super excited!


Books Passage, Ferry Building, San Francisco, California, Wednesday Nov 7th, 6pm

I'll be signing books, possibly reading a lil' something something, and, serving a Cowgirl Creamery cheese and beyond for you to sample. Ain't it cool to have an event in the same building as Cowgirl Creamery?


Books Inc, Marina, San Francisco, California, Thursday Nov 8th, 7 pm

Tasting, Signing, Drinking. Good times! I'm super happy to announce that Seana Doughty of Bleating Heart Cheese will be here tasting a delicious wheels too (this awesome lady is featured in my book). I'm a lucky girl!


Solano Cellars, Albany, California, Saturday Nov 10th 3:30-7 pm

This is my official book release party. Tasting, Singing, Drinking, all. You are invited! Darren from Cream and the Crop distributors (one of my faves) will be sampling his cheeses, many of which are featured in my book too.


18Reasons, It's Not You It's Brie! American Cheese & Beer Class, San Francisco, CA, Nov 27th, 7pm

Cheese author and educator Kirstin Jackson joins 18 Reasons for a night of fermented glory. After visiting creameries and interviewing more than 48 cheesemakers for her recently published book "It's Not You, It's Brie: Unwrapping America's Unique Culture of Cheese," she's ready to tell the stories of some of her favorite domestic cheeses, while holding a pint glass. The selected artisan cheeses will be explored in unison with American beers, most local. We will taste through 6 cheeses and 6 beers!

Books will be for sale and Kirstin will have a pen handy for signing after cheese consumption.


Omnivore Books, Signing and Tasting, Wednesday, Nov 28th, San Francisco, 6-7pm

Tasting, Signing, Drinking. Good times! At an entirely food focused book store -be still my heart! I'll guide you through making the perfect holiday cheese plate. Then we can eat it together.


More events in the works!

Murray's Cheese- Dec 3rd! More info soon.

The Cheese School - TBA

Chicago/Wisconsin- TBA