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New York: Feeling the Dairy Love

Milk & Glitter: Prospect Park Market Day Well folks, I'm fresh back from a visit to New York. And once again after a visit to one of my favorite cities in the world, I'm surprised that I feel refreshed. I always thought beach vacations, long afternoons spent reading at French cafes, and camping were the things that were supposed to refresh, and that New York, with its crazy hours, constant foot traffic, and millions of things to do all at once, would always exhaust. Yet I feel revived. Of course it may have to do with the fact that I was visiting rather than actually living in the city.

Fetas from around the world at Brighton Bazaar Eastern European market, Coney Island

Anyhow, I had a hell of a time. Seeing my wonderful friends, experiencing the cheese culture and industry, walking around admiring the blossoms around Central Park (this was the first time I was in New York at spring- oh la la!), and eating and drinking at some of my favorite places replenished my soul as stealthily as it diminished my wallet. It was all worth it. I miss it already.

Brooklyn Dogwood

Here's a little photo diary of my time in Manhattan and Brooklyn. First time using my IPhone camera on a trip!

Our "sad puppy" face.

Hanging out with Hannah, 5, and Claire, 9. My favorite girls in Brooklyn (Claire's glittery shoes above).

I was super happy to go to the Edible Manhattan Good Dairy event while visiting (thanks, Lucy's Whey!). The event was delicious, sold out, and in true Manhattan fashion, had door men.

The hot ticket.

The fabulous Lucy's Whey girls at Good Dairy, Grace and Amy

Momofuku Cereal Milk, Good Dairy

Andy Marcelli of Marcelli Family Abruzzo Cheese & Eataly

Milk Punch with local bourbon, Good Dairy

Across the Pond with cornichon, Lucy's Whey, Good Dairy

The New York Diary Princess with the Murray's folk, Good Dairy

I was also in town for a cheesemonger meet-up. I got to see all the NYC dairy folk I know, like the lovely Murray's Chef Fromager Tia Keenan, more of Grace and Amy, more of Andy, and ... many, many others. We gathered in the Beecher's basement and feasted on fried cheese curds and cheeses that are hard-to-come-by on the west coast.

Beecher's Selections: Ascutney Mountain, Cato Corner Brigit's, Jasper Hill Moses Sleeper

Then I hit up some other events that weren't related to cheese, like a normal person (it wasn't difficult, there was always gelato, great coffee with cream, or something deliciously distracting like bone marrow nearby).

CindySherman (1 of 1)

Prune- I've been wanting to go to this place since my NYC culinary externship in 1999.

St John the Divine (1 of 1)

Ricotta almond gelato at Eataly

Ricotta almond gelato at Eataly

Meeting my awesome editor for the first time at Café Henri in the west village

Hannah's Boots (1 of 1)

Maybe I'll come up with a list of dairy things to do while in the city one of these days. In the meantime, have fun creating your own!

What do you like to do while in New York?