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Pasta Shop, Berkeley Book Event- Getting that Pen Warmed Up & a Very Important Question


Okay, cheese lovers. You've read my descriptions about cheese, heard about its circles of friends, and might have even tried a recipe or two I posted on "It's Not You, It's Brie," but until now, we haven't actually consumed cheese together. Unless you've attended any of my classes, tasted through the ACS fury with me, or visited the wine shop where I work. And if this is the case, well, kudos to us. If I remember correctly, we enjoyed our selections immensely.

But if we haven't, it's time

I'm heading across the San Francisco Bay Area, and later to New York, and Chicago to promote my book. And to eat cheese. And to meet you!

My first event- The Pasta Shop in Berkeley- and I'm getting my pen warmed up, because this one is a biggie. It's American Cheese Month, and the shop is shaping an event around my book. My book! Am I honored, you ask? OH MY GOODNESS, yes. Not only was working for The Pasta Shop my first monger position, but the shop (i.e. Mz Juliana Uruburu) is  calling in the cheese forces and having representives from cheesemakers I featured in my book to come sample their wheels and the kitchen is picking 3 or 4 recipes from my book and serving them in their gourmet deli. I'm honored, and excited and.... very much hoping to see you there! Please feel free to share this link with anyone you know who lives in the Bay Area who you think might enjoy the event.

I am also kinda wondering what to write in the books I will sign. First time.

So this leads me to a very important question. If you wrote a cheese book and had to put that sharpie in your hands to good use, how would you sign a book?

Cheese puns?

"How Goud-a you to buy my book?" 

"Praise Cheesus, and Best of Luck to You!"

Book signing ideas and further cheese puns welcome in the comment section.

Can't make this event or want to eat cheese with me more than once? Other events here if you'd like to say hi.