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Redwood Hill Kids, Come Home with Me

redwoodkid2 copy When my friend Molly and I took a tour of Redwood Hill Goat Farm, we decided to take some kids home with us. Did you know they wag their tails when they're happy?They do, and it makes your heart break from cuteness. Molly also wanted to take goat manure home because the owner Jennifer Bice informed us that it was it that made her beautiful garden bloom. But the goats wouldn't fit under our shirts and the manure certainly wasn't going in my car on the hour-long ride back, so all we have to show are photos.


If you get a chance to visit (appointments welcome) this wonderful farm, please do so. It's family place, with La Mancha, Nubian, and Alpine goats which make some of the best goat cheese in California. Of course you'll be hearing more about this soon, and here's a couple photos from our trip.

If you'd like to learn more about seasonal goat cheese, check out an article I wrote for Edible East Bay, called "Tasting the Seasons in Cheeses." And Molly, thanks for being the designated photographer.


redwoodhillkid4 redwoodhillkid5 copy