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Cheese & Kirstin Will Return

Hello It's Not You, It's Brie readers and Kitchen Curders. I'm taking a brief respite from writing this blog for a couple/few weeks to move and take care of some things that need a mighty amount of attention. Wanted to let you know so you didn't think I don't love you any more.

However, although my Kitchen Curd event posting will be delayed, if you have a blog and participated, you can send me a link to yours anytime. I will incorporate it into my post-to-be. Sorry to delay this again, I know there are some folks out there who are super excited to report their results (and I'm excited about hearing them), but sometimes life just kicks you in the butt and you have to sit down. Or unpack. Or....

Anyhow, I will write more soon, and go ahead and check back within the next couple weeks. I may sneak some tasty tid bits in if I have time.

You can also follow my cheese life here at Twitter.

Thank you for eating cheese, making cheese, and reading my writing about cheese, which must sound like a cross between a mother cooing at a baby and a horribly loud stomach growl.