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American Cheese for Independence Day


Three of my favorite American dairy morsels that, if I were having a grand fourth of July party, would be all over the cheese plate and maybe even on a burger or two. American Cheesemakers, I love you.
One of the few soft cheeses in the U.S. made with raw milk, Constant Bliss is based on a Chaource cheese recipe and, says Jasper Hill, is at its finest in the summer months, when the microflora are at most active in the aging process. Go 4th of July! Although it's not technically a double or triple-creme, Constant Bliss tastes nearly as buttery and sexy as the creamiest wedge of Pierre Robert out there.
type: bloomy rind
wine: creamy cheeses like this crave the bubbles and high acidity of a sparkling dry wine
Of course you can't find these. That's right, the cheeses of SoYoung Scanlan are so in demand that unless you are dining at Chez Panisse or San Francisco's Ritz Carlton, they're practically unavailble. But its my imaginary party, and as they're three of the best goat cheeses available in this country, they're going on it. If you aren't related to Scanlan, Redwood Hill Farm and Pugs Leap's delicious goat cheeses are more readily on shelves.
type: natural rind goat
wine: Sauvignon Blanc, Gamay, or Cab Franc- choose high acidity, low-oak versions
Clothbound Cheddars
Most times I like to make sure my cheese plates have cow, goat and sheep cheeses, but it's Independence Day, and we want to stick some Cheddars on the platter that are as good as, if not better than, those cheeses made by the Brits we separated from on that noted July 4th. And I'm just picking three gems today (Bellewether Dairy rocks!), so here goes- 3 of my favorite cloth-bound beauties are made by : Shelburne Farms, Cabot Clothbound (aged by Jasper Hill), and Bravo Farms Silver Mountain Cheddar.
type: Semi-hard
wine: deep, spicy reds love the earthy nuances in Cheddars: Bordeaux & Rhone blends, Syrah, Sangiovese, Zinfandel, ++++
Some all American Hip Hop & Funk mixes to listen to with your cheese- an excellent pairing: